Service | Styling – Advertising

Styling products and spaces for advertorial campaigns is a craft. Little White Lies works directly with your team to gain an intimate understanding of your brand and product so that we can discover the best way to make it truly shine. From there we progress onto concept development and execution to bring your ideas to life.

Service | Styling – Interior Spaces

It takes just the right finishing touch to create an inviting interior space. Drawing on a refined set of design skills and a background in the clever tricks of advertising, Little White Lies has a unique ability to add this final touch, creating the perfect mood, tone and ambiance for any space. As part of our Interior Stylist and Design Consultant offering, we’re happy to come on board at any stage of your project and assist you with Interior Design concepts for both commercial and residential spaces. We also and offer local and international furniture procurement services,  and can provide full or partial fit out guidance depending on your project scope and needs.

Service | Photography – Product

Product photography that stands out and shines brighter the rest is a vital part of any marketing campaign (no matter how big or small) and is often the cornerstone of your customer’s perception of your product – first impressions count! With our passion for understanding your brand story, combined with our creativity, Little White Lies has the ability to help you make the best first impression possible through offering you creative and considered ideas from a fresh, expert perspective.

Whether you require clean product photography or styled imagery, Little White Lies can tailor their services to meet your needs, and deliver you a suite of aspirational and engaging imagery for use across all of your key marketing platforms.

Service | Photography – Interior & Architecture

The places we live, work and play are the places of our lives. So much consideration goes into every aspect of the design process with any architectural or interior project, and just as much consideration should go in to the photography of the resulting structure or space. Architectural photography not only documents the space itself, but also tells its genesis story: it illuminates an architect’s creative concept; it explores the unique relationship between the natural and the built environment; it reveals the nuanced plays of light and shadow that bring the structure and it’s spaces to life, it uncovers the textures of materials. Little White Lies sees all of this, and more.

With our extensive photographic, styling and graphic design experience, we see a structure from the wide angle of the programme, the middle distance of tectonics, right down to the close up of crafted details. We capture all of this and provide you with a professional showcase of your architectural and interior work, enabling you to express not only your vision and style, but also the quality of your past projects to potential clients. In addition, it provides you with professional quality images to have on hand for use in magazine editorials and industry awards.